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Cold Water Swimming Championships 2011

Posted in London Pools on February 14, 2011 by Rejoice & Be Cleansed

You wait for one great film to come along about the joys of cold water swimming, and then two come along in quick succession.

On Saturday 22 January 2011 South London Swimming Club held the 5th UK Cold Water Swimming Championships at Tooting Bec Lido. This biennial event has become a must for cold water swimmers, each year attracting many people who are trying it for the first time. Age and ability is no barrier – with water temperatures as low as 3°C, jumping in for the 30 yard races is a challenge in itself.

Having already reported on the Championships, the BBC sent along one of its sports correspondents Mike Bushell to find out what swimming in near freezing conditions is like. Would it be invigorating exercise, or just an exercise in pain?

Bushell joined swimmers at a mid-winter training session at Tooting Bec Lido, home of the UK Cold Water Championships, to find out. The film is quite funny.

It is made even more amusing by the fact that one of friend’s Nick (beard and sporting a pair of Speedos) seems to have made it into the film. He also features in Tooting Lido’s beautiful 2011 calendar. It might be February, but it is never too late to support a good cause!