“Seven days of no swimming makes one weak.” Author Unknown

Welcome to Rejoice And Be Cleansed, a blog dedicated to the joys of swimming. I just love being in water. I am a fully signed up member of Tooting Lido. I try to swim in every town I visit. I am absolutely loving introducing my baby daughter to the thrill of swimming and splashing. Swimming has helped my troublesome back, and helped to nurse me back to heath after a lengthy illness.

But why Rejoice And Be Cleansed I hear you screaming at your monitor (well I hope someone, somewhere is reading this)? The answers are numerous. This blog’s aim is to celebrate the incredible indoor and outdoor, man-made or natural, swimming pools the nation has to offer. So, that’s the Rejoice bit.

On the other hand why Cleansed? Many swimming pools dating from about 1900 were intended as a communal bath as so few homes had their own bathrooms. Also, if there is any better way to clear the mind of all of the stresses and strains associated with big-city living then it has to be having a dip.

The phrase itself is a nod to the wonderful Anthony Burrill who used it in an amazing press and poster campaign he did for a local carwash in Utrecht, in the Netherlands.

I will try not to talk just about pools, but as an ex fashion hack I will write about swimming clothing and general paraphernalia too. Enjoy!

3 Responses to “About”

  1. nick Dutton Says:

    ‘elloGT. love it. lets get a swim in the diary…

  2. Dear Swimmer,
    We are two photographers working collaboratively on a piece called Submerge all about the positive aspects and community involved in swimming.
    We are currently interested in joining a campaign to save Haggerston Baths; we are curating an exhibition to take pace at the beginning of 2014. We are really focused on portraiture and are looking to find some keen swimmers to photograph for it.
    We really enjoyed your blog, and would love to take some shots of you, which could possibly be used within a body of work to be used for the final event. We really want to create an exciting event and are working to create some connections with art and council boards across east London to promote and support the work we are doing as well as the work of others.

    If you’re interested, please feel free to get in touch with us via email, or if you have any swimming friends who you think would like to take part in the project we are contactable via email, facebook and twitter.

    yours sincerely,
    Alison Cartwright & Bethan-Grace Neilson

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